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If you want to buy Tmote Sky platform then it is provided by Sentilla (formerly called Moteiv). Those who do not want to buy Tmote SKY can go for TelosB design which is manufactured and sold by Crossbow. Tmote SKY is an MSP430 based wireless sensor board and comes with 802.15.4 compatible CC2420 radio chip, 1MB external flash memory along with two light sensors. Later on Tmote SKY was integrated with the ContikiOS build systems from 2007.
MTM-CM5000-MSP - 77.00€

Sensor networks are fast becoming popular in areas as medical, commercial, industrial, domestic etc. Mainly because of low power consumption, high data rate and convenience to install and use resulting in substantial saving of operational cost. At the same time they also make operation safe and secure.
MTM-CM3000-MSP - 71.00€

Tmote SKY uses extremely low power and comes with high data rate and has all inbuilt sensors, radio, antenna and programming capabilities. The low power operation of Tmote sky is due to ultra low power TIMSP430 F1611 microcontroller. The Tmote SKY uses USB controller from FTDI to transmit data to host computer. It also includes the Chip on CC2420 radio. This is an IEEE 802.15.4 compliant radio and provides very reliable service.

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