Thursday, November 21, 2013

How Sensors are Changing the world of Greenhouse Growing

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in the world. And it is so for a very good reason. It is the only source of food for an estimated population of over 7 billion people. But there is a lot of uncertainty and unpredictability in the agriculture industry due the similar nature of the weather. The success of the crops is subject to the whims of nature, since if there is a drought or fire or even heavy rains and hail it is likely that the crop will fail. Everything needs to be just perfect for the crop to grow properly and for the famers to be able to provide good crop in the market.

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The technology has advanced a great deal now and it has in the field of farming and agriculture industry as well. It is often also called precision agriculture or precision farming to utilize the new technology like Global position systems, sensors and wireless communication as well as satellites to track the growth of the crop. This is also useful in making prediction to a certain extent. This technology has also spread to greenhouse farming where the atmosphere can be controlled and the plants can always have the suitable environment to grow in. The technology is able to function at a level where it can deliver accurate and important information in real time.

Thus it is possible to implement a monitoring and reporting system and even control the environment of the greenhouse remotely via the appropriate set up. Advanticsys is a place where you can buy tmote sky component essential to for setting up such a system.

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