Friday, December 6, 2013

Tmote Sky Platform – Facilitates Techno Farming

Summary: With the advent of these sensors based devices speedy data sharing and a check on environmental conditions can be kept to protect your farms.


MTM-CM5000-MSP - 77.00€
Tmote sky platform is the wireless sensor module that has 1 MB external flash memory with two light sensors. Various applications can function on this platform, when programmed accordingly. The system contains integrated sensors, a radio chip and a micro controller, with the ability to go in sleep mode, thereby minimising power consumption. The radio chip provides strong signals and speedy data transfer. The tmote sky platforms are gaining wide popularity in various fields like medical, commercial, domestic and industrial. Tmote sky buy facilitates secured network sharing and is convenient to install at home or in offices. To your surprise this wonder device will not take a toll on your pocket as tmote sky price is fixed as per user friendly approach. Thus, rapid growth and development has paved way for invention of this device which perfectly complements the saying, good things come in small packages.

Tip: You can share valuable information and data with this secured network device at a fast speed.

Use of sensors to increase crop yields

The most striking feature of this device is that the wireless sensors of tmote sky devices are capable of doing wonders. These sensors can monitor and report about the environmental changes. The agrarian class of society always pray to the God of nature to bless them with favourable environment conditions so that the crops sown by them are not destroyed. The use of green house technique also proves unsuccessful during extreme climatic conditions. Due to the inadvertent actions of nature the fate of the crops is always dependent on the whims and fancies of the nature, but tmote sky platform can save the life of your crops. It also ensures good health of the crops, thereby increasing the yield far above the ground. Since, agriculture is an important source of raw materials for all the major industries, proper growth of the crop is necessary.

Tip: Timely monitoring gives accurate results enabling you to adopt suitable corrective measures at the right time. offers a wide range of wireless sensor networks, which can be purchased online.

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