Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tmote Sky – a way of living

If I am not wrong, let me tell you a truth that the world is becoming more and more troublesome for living. However, there is a little hope inside each and every person that something good will happen. Due to this kind of feeling, innovations taking place always. And Tmote Sky is one of them. It will be a boon for the contemporaries if I’m not exaggerating.

AS-XM1000 - 85.00€

Advanticsys specializes in the field of Information and Communication technologies. Especially in wireless sensor networks and other remote monitoring systems.  We work towards the excellence of energy, environment and industrial processes automation. 

MTS-EM1000 - 53.00€ 

Tmote Sky is a platform which is a wireless sensor board. As I have said earlier, it is really a beneficiary to the world. Advanticsys is doing its best in the field of wireless sensor networks. The advantages are many but few of them are:
Easy to use.
Competitive Costs
Independent Operation
Active Network Topology

MTI-USB1000 - 21.00€

Advanticsys takes care about nature introducing wireless sensors. These products are eco-friendly. They range from wireless modules, Interface Boards and sensor boards. We also provide fully customized products as per the client’s requirements. 

MTM-CM5000-MSP  - 77.00€

We feel proud launching these products which are one in themselves. The wireless sensor networks (WSN) applications such as Water Monitoring, Air Monitoring, and Energy Monitoring are our major inventions. Also, we look after Agriculture and Structural Health Monitoring. 

MTM-CM3300-MSP - 95.00€  

Advanticsys do respect the customer’s need and pays full attention for making them personalized in bandwidth, autonomy and range. Tmote sky is very much important as it can reduce pollutions and maintain the environment levels. In today’s polluted atmosphere Advanticsys has brought a new approach for the mankind. 

MTS-CO1000 - 116.00€ 

At Advanticsys, we always priotarize research and development. This gives advance technology to the end users. To feather a cap, we have participated in cooperative R&D projects at National and European Level. The WSN products can minimize the danger of pollution. Energy Monitoring is best for buildings for measuring the energy consumption. This is useful for both homes and offices. In this way, we can save energy.

MTM-CM4000-MSP - 71.00€ 

You will be amazed while knowing about Agriculture Monitoring. This is one of the best technologies for farmers. With the help of this you can have the quality crops and overall operating costs. Wireless sensor networks can also be useful for water quality monitoring. Yes, they can analyze water properties. You can have accurate map of the water status in dams, lakes, rivers and oceans. Also you can have idea about underground reservoirs. 

 MTS-EX1000 - 25.00€   

Our products are of Mote Modules, Sensor Boards, Interface Modules and Network Infrastructure. Apart from this, our products are compatible with Tmote Sky as well as TelosB platforms. We believe in contributing little towards good of mankind. That is why we satisfy techno hunger by innovations and ideas in the field of information technology. This can happen due to our skilled professional and we are thankful as we are able to provide competitive and effective solutions in more than 30 countries. 

Buy tmote sky products online at or contact to us via physical location - ADVANTIC SISTEMAS Y SERVICIOS S.L.,C/Isabel Colbrand, 10 4th floor – Office 122, 28050 Madrid – Spain - Phone: +34 91 229 03 93 Fax: +34 91 229 13 67 Email: 

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