Saturday, April 7, 2012

Technology of Telosb Mote

MTM-CM3000-MSP - 71.00€
Have you ever wondered what the technology has for everyone in this world, it has everything which you need. One of the technologies is called TelosB Mote which means it’s a wireless connection base station which has a broadcast communication device which is connected with the computers and sends alarms to all the connected systems whenever there is any deformation. It looks similar to Modem.

  • This device has sensors, solar radiation sensor, humidity temperature sensor, USB, Antenna, deformation meter and microcontroller. It has total 8 sensor channels with high compassion.
  • You will find a deformation meter in the application in which you can see the level of the deformation and setup time to send information from one port to another.
  • Whenever we increase or decrease the interval or the value of deformation threshold, the application sends these values via serial port to the base station.
  • The base station transmits the data via radio to the other ports.
  • The receiving time of the information from one port to another depends on the interval or setup time in the application.
  • The power consumption of it is very low when compared with other wireless devices.

One thing about TelosB Mote is we have to keep the device away from heat. For example: Do not plug in the device on the right side of the laptop which has heater or fan.

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