Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tmote Sky – A Lower Power Wireless Network

Wireless sensor devices or networks are becoming popular day by day and becoming realism in different platforms such as scientific, medical, research, manufacturing, commercial, industry and so on. The advanced wireless sensor networks are designed with low power consumption which can be used for several months to many years without replacing its battery which makes customers very reliable and convenient for them to adapt to such network. One the network is called Tmote Sky. It is a high sensor wireless network device manufactured for the customers of different streams. Below are the few features or advantages of Tmote Sky.

MTS-EM1000 - 53.00€
  • It has extremely high data rate which makes the data collection faster and also makes the network work more efficiently as per the requirement of the customers.
  • The device is built with a low power consumption high data rate sensor device using Moteiy’s Tmote wireless system which inclusive of a Tmote sky module and integrated light, temperature, sounds, radiation etc. sensor devices.
  • It is a module of choice for large scale, high data rate sensor network applications which requires ultra low power, high reliability and ease of development.
MTS-DS1000 - 158.00€
  • This device offers a large number of integrated peripherals including a performance boosting DMA controller, a 12 bit ADC and DAC, timer, I2C, SPI and UART bus protocols. All these devices makes the sensor more effective and realistic in the current market.
  • This wireless sensor network device is comprised of two basic nodes. One or more sensor nodes and a single display node which connects to the personal computer which acts as a base station to collect and format data from different nodes.
  • These sensor nodes are put in different locations to collect the temperature and communication with the base node through radio in an ad-hoc network. The computer which is connected by the nodes provides GUI, display and control of the data from different locations with minimum supervision. 
MTS-SE1000 - 79.00€
  • There are different Tmotes invented as per the requirement of the customers for their businesses like wireless sensing unit which is the basic and the most important device used at every streams, pre-integrated on board sensors, light, temperature, vibration, sounds, microphone, speaker for auditory feedback, headphone jack for discrete applications and LEC’s for visual feedback etc.
  • The most important featues of this device includes 250 KBPS 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 Chipcon wireless transceiver, 8MHz instrument MSP430 microcontroller (10K RAM, 48K Flash), voltage supply supervisor, DMA controller, DAC, Integrated ADC, Integrated onboard antenna with 50m range indoors and 125m range outdoors.
MTS-AR1000 - 162.00€
  • This device has also got the feature of fast wakeup from sleep, authentication and hardware link layer encryption, data collection and programming through USB, optional SMA antenna connector, 16 pin expansion support for the device, mesh networking and communication implementation.
  • Installation of the device is also very easy and user friendly with simple Dos commands, uses cygwin and motelist. You get a CD guide which will have all the instructions for the installation and also a customer representative would be doing all this and explain the entire demo.
Buy Tmote Sky products online at  or contact to us via physical location – ADVANTIC SISTEMAS Y SERVICIOS S.L.,C/Isabel Colbrand, 10 4th floor – Office 122, 28050 Madrid – Spain – Phone: +34 91 229 03 93 Fax: +34 91 229 13 67 Email:

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