Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Monitoring Railroad Temperatures

The number of accidents resulting from high track temperatures is on the rise. It is often that the train derails due to high track temperature and thus there was a need to come up with some solution to this problem. Aware of this big issue the rail consultants knew that they needed to monitor the track temperature closely since when the tracks get hot they expand. Thus a solution in the form of monitoring the track temperature on a period basis was though of during the really hot times of the year. But that may not be enough.

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Another solution was though of which involved remotely monitoring the track temperature. It was decided to consider a web based remote environmental monitoring tool to tackle this problem. The ideal solution that was though of was water proof temperature sensors fitted at strategic locations along the track. The remote temperature monitoring system has the ability to send alert notifications via email, SMS and SNMP traps. Thus if the temperature threshold is set to say 45°C, the system will alert the administrator of the critical condition and the administrators can in turn take the appropriate actions to avert the situation. The system would even be able to make a log of the temperature and thus making it easy for the administrator to access the temperature history.
Such systems make us realise how important it is to be able to monitor temperature and several other parameters remotely. Advanticsys is one company that has a great deal of experience in doing just that providing remote temperature monitoring solutions to vast variety of industries.

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